TBI’s Latest Age Discrimination Outrage

Another week, another case of rampant age discrimination at TBI: the so-called British Institute, which is really about as British as a plateful of oily nasi goreng from a Jakarta street stall. We recently reported, based on a series of online job ads, that TBI is no longer accepting managers who aren’t youthful. The maximum cut off age for management applicants is now 35. TBI is now only accepting managers aged between 25-35. Turned 36? You are now too long in the tooth and shouldn’t even bother applying to work as a manager there. But that’s nothing compared to their latest outrage. Want to work as a student advisor at The Bohong Institute and you are now too old at 26!

As of a few days ago, there are yet again looking for a new student advisor. This is no surprise to anyone who has worked for them; being one of the cheapest and most exploitative employers out there, they are constantly looking for new staff. There is a constant flow of Indonesian workers leaving this wretched institute’. After a few months, they often realize they can get much more money if they have decent English, and they had off to work for banks, travel agencies, insurance companies or just about anyone else: TBI’s rock-bottom wages offer little incentive to stay. But what was particularly revealing in this job ad was the ridiculous job requirements.

To apply for this fantastic job, you must have a university degree, at least one year’s work experience and be a maximum of 25 years of age. The key to understanding this bizarrely narrow job description is that TBI is extraordinarily cheap/miserly/stingy. If you bear this in mind, you will see that TBI wants educated employees but they don’t want to pay them much money. They hope that someone very young and inexperienced might agree to a measly 2.2 juta a month- a miserable $190 a month, which is the minimum wage in expensive Jakarta. A real bully of a company in the way they treat their staff, they also assume that young employees will be easier to boss around, lie to and take advantage of. Clearly, they aren’t interested in employing well-experienced service staff who might request a slightly higher salary; TBI is now cheaper and more discriminatory than ever. The proof is right there below.

TBI job ad: No one over 25 can apply

TBI job ad: No one over 25 can apply

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