Faruk of Rumah Bahasa Bintaro: Another Rumah Bullshit Liar

I regret to say that Rumah Bahasa is the greatest liar. Not just Frendy Horas, but also the manager, namely Faruk of Rumah Bahasa Bintaro. He was the one who promised refund in 2 months. When the due day came and still no refund, he changed his attitude. He even had the nerve to say that he did not care if I or other member got angry, cursed, told the police, etc etc because he only acted as messenger for his boss. Frendy promised to call me again concerning the refund on May 15 and guess what he did not call. This is House of Crook..or Rumah Penipu.

This message came into the in-box yesterday. One of the disgusting things about Indonesia’s TEFL industry is not just that it is owned by shonky operators, but it attracts similar low characters to work in management. Only people with no moral conscience seem to thrive in management at many of these schools. School owners are constantly trying to trick and deceive teachers and students, and the managers who do best in these schools are the ones who have no moral qualms about do their master’s bidding. People are advised not to trust Faruk from Rumah Bahasa Bintaro. He has no problem telling lies on behalf of Frendy Horas.


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