Wall Street Bandung Tutors and Teachers Wanted

In recent years TBI has committed many grave offences to the English teachers of Bandung. Worst of all, of course, was forcing out veteran manager and teacher Ratna so that Luke Preece’s unpopular crony, Scott Martin, could become school manager at TBI Jalan Riau without an expertise or knowledge at all: no degree in any subject. We know for a fact that the rogue Australian’s corrupt antics have made many educators in Bandung angry. But there is now a new option for those fed up with the Preece-led Mafia. WSI (Wall Street Indonesia) is now recruiting teachers for its latest school, soon to open at Paris Von Java Mall. TBI had a good run in Bandung, but its best days are clearly behind it. If you want a career with a forward-looking, law-abiding company, they are recruiting now! Follow this link!


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