Rumah Bahasa: The Shit Hits the Fan

The situation at Rumah Bahasa has taken a marked turn for the worse in recent days, and the new managers of this school have gone on the rampage, threatening to sue the whistle-blower who first exposed their fraudulent business model and even challenging him to a fist fight. For the authors of this blog, we can’t help but feel a sense of deja vu. What happens when the shoe is on the other foot with these lying, manipulative Binsars, Frendys and Lukes who run dishonest schools in Indonesia? They act all indignant and lash out with threats of retribution, their inflated egos stunned by the realization they aren’t untouchable after all. They see other people as targets and marks to be used; the idea that other people might see through their scams and tricks enrages them. Why aren’t people acting like the passive victims they are supposed to?

This story started a while back on Dave’s ESL cafe. A teacher came forward and reported that Rumah Bahasa had established a business based on 100% illegal labour. The business wasn’t even registered as a company, so it was unable yo get work visas (Kitases) for its teachers. Amazingly, even the school manager was working on a tourist visa. This staffroom stuffed full of illegal teachers was even worse than TBI. At least TBI employed some legal teachers amongst all the second-class VKU visa teachers: this company had one-upped TBI and had no legal teachers or managers at all!

Looks fine on the surface

Looks fine on the surface

After reading the story of the teacher on Dave’s ESL Cafe, we decided to repeat his allegations on this blog. We get around 150 views a day. We knew that if we tagged our blog posts “Rumah Bahasa Lotte Mart”, this blog would soon be very high on Google searches for the school. We knew we could play a big role in exposing these allegations to a broad audience. This plan worked better than we possibly imagined and over the past couple of months, this blog has been flooded with views from Rumah Bahasa customers. Some of the visitors to this blog informed us of more info. It appears that the school owner, Frendy Horas, had fooled a lot of Indonesians too, lying to them about the salary and making “sweet promises” he couldn’t keep. These people painted a picture of a completely dysfunctional school where people were constantly coming and going, classes were opening and closing without rhyme and reason and many people were disappointed by the lies and broken promises of Frendy Horas.

Late last week the scandal around Rumah Bahasa seemed to have reached new heights. On Friday this blog received 450 views in a single day. Friday is usually a quiet day for traffic on this blog. But there were now twenty and thirty visits per hours, most of them coming from google searches for “Rumah Bahasa Lotte Mart” or “Frendy Horas Rumah Bahasa”. And then on Saturday we learned from Dave’s ESL Cafe that the school now has new managers- a Dutch husband and wife team who have taken the reigns. Incredibly, these people allegedly threatened not only to sue the original poster, but they even threatened to falsify the facts to make it look like he was the author of this blog! Nicceee management skills guys! Had they been taking notes from Binsar Simorangkir and Luke Preece?

In a truly ridiculous touch, the hubby even threatened to challenge the original poster to some fisticuffs. The fist-fighting school manager …. only in Jakarta, folks! But as the original poster rightly said, as citizens of the Netherlands, they are neither entitled to manage a school or even teach English in Indonesia, so they are way out of line with this conduct. For these detached observers, we can only conclude that this unfortunate school is not going to prosper and may even collapse in the coming months. And how can anyone concerned about quality education for Indonesians view that as anything other than a good thing?

10 thoughts on “Rumah Bahasa: The Shit Hits the Fan

  1. This school and the manager/owner are an obvious scams; I hope the authorities will do their due diligence in protecting the people

  2. I registered my son to RB on November 2013 and up until now they haven’t started any classes.I demand 100 percent refund and a guy named Faruk (a campus manager?) Said that it would take 2 months to process it.I have reported this to YLKI but as victims we have to united to report these crooks!

  3. Dear Mr.Hasby
    Are you also a student? I want to report these crooks to the ministry of education.I wonder if you have insiders at the ministry?

      • The English language industry in Jakarta is very corrupt. I previously worked at TBI Kelapa Gading. The owner, a Chinese-Indonesian called Pauwsan Sutanto, never paid tax. He paid bribes to Immigration, the police and Department of Manpower and Transmigtration to avoid paying tax. They did not accept card payments (100% cash) from 2006 until 2012 so they could avoid tax. TBI Kuningan pays “bule” teachers 14 million per month but reports their salary as 3 million per month to avoid tax and forces teachers to sign it. Bakrie is on the Yayasan of TBI and the whole company is “tidak taat pajak.”

  4. New information, Frendy Horas has been to Thailand for a while . And opened a new school named” the greats liberty language school ” in payathai cp tower 3 Bangkok Thailand . Very similar situation, opening for 3 months and stop operation immediately . Now many Thai parents looking for him to ask refund , I was his employee before , and didn”t get my salary when I resigned

    • Hey Max, How are you doin’. I received an info about Mr. Hopp’s whereabout. He’s currently in the Philippines and is planning to stay there. I already reported him to NBI and Immigration with his pictures and blog links. I hope he’ll be caught in put in prison.

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