Meet Frendy Horas of Rumah Bahasa (Rumah Bahaya!)

November was a very busy month at this blog, with the blog twice reaching over 250 views in a single day. The main reason for the increased traffic to this blog is our decision to report on the illegal goings on at Rumah Bahasa Kelapa Gading (Lotte Mart). For the past couple of months we have been attracting views not only from people interested in TBI shenanigans but large numbers of people fed up with lies of Rumah Bahasa as well. We welcome fresh input about this business, but judging from the comments so far the main points seem to be these:

1) Rumah Bahasa is managed by someone called Frendy Horas, who has lied to both expat teachers and Indonesian staff.

2) The company is not registered as a PT. so they can’t sponsor KITASes. Therefore, every single expat working in the place is an illegal worker.

3) Pak Horas has been paying these illegal expat teachers as little as Rp 4.000.000 per month.

4) The school manager himself was on a tourist visa and, according to the source, clearly had no idea about TEFL education. The school is a dupe on Indonesian students, basically.

5) Pak Horas is reputed to be a Luke or Binsar-style “sweet tongued liar” (pembohong lidah manis). He made fake promises to his marketing manager, for example, and is referred to as someone who cannot be trusted.

As one recent viewer wrote: Saya sangat setuju dengan pernyataan di atas karena saya juga tertipu dengan janji manis para marketingnya tunggu saja kapal itu jadi karam guru dan karyawan. Banyak yg keluar masuk ….., banyak yg ditutupi, ketua yayasan FRENDY HORAS pandai bersilat lidah dan tidak gentle. lari dr tanggung jwb, karyawan jd korban. Siswa jg kd korban schedule gak jelas, main ganti seenaknya.

We can confirm that there have been several hundred searches for Rumah Bahasa Lotte Mart which have reached this blog so far, so Frendy Horas’s scam is now well and truly exposed.  People are aware of the shaky foundations on which this school has been built. We look forward to the end of this dismal, deceptive business which is only doing Indonesian students a serious disservice.

4 thoughts on “Meet Frendy Horas of Rumah Bahasa (Rumah Bahaya!)

  1. I wish I had read your post before enrolling my daughter. I have enlisted her to RB Lotte Bintaro last January 2014 and have not heard any news on when the classes will begin ever since.

    It’s a bit odd that Lotte continues to make agreements with RB if such scams have occured on several occasions.

    Any suggestions on how to handle this problem? Has anyone have the same problem as I have with RB Lotte Bintaro?

    • These are bad people. They lied to teachers, they lied to staff. They broke many promises. They threaten to fight men who challenge them. They have only just opened and they already have a bad name. They also threaten to use lawyers to sue people who mention their bad deeds. You are right to get away from them. Have you considered going to the police?

  2. I got tricked also by rumah bahasa lotte mart bintaro.I have reported this case to the management of lotte and push rumah bahasa to give my money back

  3. The owner or group of this blog please contact me . I was his ex-worker in Thailand . I have a lot of information to expose about this con-man .

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