Direct English Franchise Schools Opening Up

Direct English is the Linguaphone Group’s world-renowned English language program for adults, already delivered to thousands of students across Asia, Europe and the Middle East through a network of franchise partners.

Ms Eni Suhartini, Director of PT. Gitajaya Sejahtera will oversee the launch of Direct English in Malang which will be the first Direct English training center to open outside Jakarta to date. Direct English Malang will start delivering English language training for individuals and companies across the city from April 2014.

As we have argued on this blog, TBI has rapidly lost market share since handing control of their business over to a South Australian charlatan called Luke Preece who doesn’t have a degree in any subject but lied to people for years that he did. This fraudster has increasingly created TBI in his own image, loading their schools up with fake teachers on the wrong visas- VKUs instead of KITASes. He has been an abject failure and the company has stagnated since he took the reigns. His planned opening of TBI Bali failed in both 2012 and again in 2013. In contrast, Wall Street have expanded their network. Even Direct English now seem poised to open a broader range of schools, further nibbling away at TBI’s diminishing market share. It’s good to see that professionals are taking business off Preece and his ilk- a bunch of clownish amateurs with no academic or business know-how.


One thought on “Direct English Franchise Schools Opening Up

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