New Binsar Revelations (Guest Post)

As the weeks rolled on by, Binsar began to have a change of attitude towards myself. First of all he asked me one day if he could hold on to my KITAS. I asked him why and he said that he needed to hold onto my original KITAS since it was company policy. I kept pressing him for information but he still insisted he should hold onto it. Every day he kept pestering me for my KITAS.

Looking to avoid an argument I asked him if I needed to open a bank account or if I needed it for anything else of importance. He said I didn’t need it for anything else and I figured my KITAS should be safe at work, so I decided to give it to him for safe keeping. I should never have done that since from what I saw in the contract there was nothing in the contract saying that the company should hold onto the full time Native Speaker’s KITAS. This whole issue would flare up again in a very dramatic fashion later on during my time working for Binsar after I found out he is not legally allowed to do so. That whole story will come here in due time.

Shortly after possessing my KITAS he began to ‘crack the whip’ harder. Any time I made a mistake, or forgot to fill out an attendance sheet he would go ballistic. Whenever his wife noticed I neglected to ‘properly’ fill out in the class folders what I did for class that particular day Binsar would call me down to his office and in very colorful terms degrade me. Some gems from our lovely ‘conversations’ were as follows:

“I doubt you truly are American! Unlike the Americans at the refugee camp, you are not professional!”

“Do you even know how to teach?”

“Students say you are too boring. I want you to liven up things, otherwise I will be forced to do your job for you.”

“Do you even know how to teach?”

“You are unprofessional.”

“Are you still sure you are cut out to work here? I don’t think you are suitable to teach here at all.”

“Your handwriting is a mess, and that makes things a problem for everyone.”

A funny thing in regards to professionalism is that Mr. Simorangkir is lacking it in spades. Whenever he filled out the class folders, his handwriting was barely readable, and he never fully explained in detail what he taught in class. When other teachers complained to him and asked what he dis, Mr. Simorangkir just shrugged his shoulders and just carried on what he was doing. A classic example of, “Do as I say, not as I do.” 
Also, when Binsar taught English, would speak very loudly, smile a lot and stand very close to students and try his hardest to be friendly. You could tell from the students’ body language and their look in their eyes that they were mostly intimidated. Yet, surprisingly, there were some students who enjoyed his lessons. Sad thing is that in class Binsar tries to make himself seem larger than life, approachable and cool. Anyone with a functioning brain can see through his charade, but due to his aggressive nature almost nobody had the balls to call him out.
       To Be Continued Tomorrow…

One thought on “New Binsar Revelations (Guest Post)

  1. i often see when i studied there, so many teacher or receptionist change just every few weeks. maybe he always fired everyone who make him angry? did they even have work contract? he can’t fire anyone that easily.

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