Rumah Bahasa Lotte Mart- Teacher Warning (Awas!)

PostPosted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:37 am    Post subject: Rumha Bahasa – Kelapa Gading –Extreme Warning Reply with quote

Rumha Bahasa, which is located in Lotte Mart-Kelapa Gading, is running an outfit full of expats that are working illegally. I went through the hiring process as well as the training about two weeks ago. The first interview was with the head manager who by the way is working illegally under a tourist visa. The second meeting was with the head manager and the owner. We went over several things like salary, housing, health insurance, end of the year bonus, holiday, and annual leave. I agreed with everything that the head manager and the owner presented. They had one more thing for me to do and that was to teach three trial classes. The head manager and at least one of the current teachers were present during the three trial classes. The classes went well and they invited me to join the next training session.The training session had to be the worst training session that I have ever been apart of. We had anywhere from 8 to 10 teachers in the training session. It was a mix of different expats and local people. The head manager obviously did not have any background in teaching. I ended up having to teach the teachers how to teach. I spent the first day teaching the teachers while the head manager did nothing. We went through three training days with hardly any input from the head manager. Once the final training day was over, we went over our contracts.

The owner stated that we must do “three months of training”. He also likes to call it “three months of probation”. What he meant to say is that we must work three months illegally on any type of visa before he processes a working visa. I have a spousal visa which under immigration is legal to work for oneself but not for a company. After stating he would pay my taxes, he quickly backed out and reverted back to working illegally. This I was not willing to do and told him so. I told them that I am not interested in working illegally so therefore the contract was no longer available. The head manger stated to me angrily “BYE”. He was very cold and definitely someone that I would not work for.

I spent over two weeks talking to this company only to find out what a sham it is. Not one expat has legal working papers. He even states this to people because he says he must see if he likes you. My wife went and checked with the Kelapa Gading immigration office the following day regarding why the owner could not provide a legal working visa (Kitas). The head of immigration stated that the company is not a PT company which means that Rumha Bahasa cannot issue a working visa. The contract he wanted me to sign did not even have a binding legal stamp. The head of immigration tolerates him working illegally because they accepted his “apology” from him and they advised me not to sign the contract because I could be taken to jail.

I feel that this company is operating unfairly since they are hiring teachers without following any of immigration laws pertaining to hiring an expert in their field. I feel that this company should be closed down immediately for dealing with expats in an unfair manner. They are also misleading their customers by stating that these teachers are well qualified even though none of them have a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA/DELTA etc. This is terrible for teachers in the area of Kelapa Gading. This company is trying to snuff out other companies by running illegally while other companies actually follow immigration and manpower rules for hiring an expat. It is like a company taking drugs to beat the competition while the other one plays fair.

This is very unfair to companies that actually follow regulations in the Kelapa Gading area and the like. They are misbehaving and need to be put in their place for acting like they can corrupt the government with “apologies”. The head of immigration office should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to occur. They should finally come to their senses and see how this hurts others that are well qualified to work as an English teacher and/or Language Instructor.

Manpower as well should be informed of this situation. They have not received any taxes for almost a year from this company. For each expat that this company hires they must pay $1,200 USD to Manpower for Indonesian displacement. They must also pay monthly taxes which is quite high for expats. They have been pocketing this money. You can see how much they have been saving by doing business this way.

6 thoughts on “Rumah Bahasa Lotte Mart- Teacher Warning (Awas!)

    • Hi Belly,
      Yes it is true. Global language centre is doing the same thing. They can’t even pay the salary on time. I have friends who work there and saying that salary has been always late.
      also no kitas for native, they always say they are working on it, but nothing happened.

  1. I can confirm that everything said in this article is true. Me and others have had experienced same manager/owner behavior. We even endured other frustrations.

  2. I also met a very bad experience with this school, I had 3 interviews with 2 hours waiting at each visit, and the last talks I waited 3 hours for you to tell me sorry but you must back then I have to take a taxi to one hour

    Then the director asked me to use my tourist visa to work and did not want to provide me KITAS is totally illegal and I risk a lot of jail if I agreed.


  3. A different kind of warning. This woman maybe the biggest Bule seeker out there. She goes by the name of Anna Kuan. She likes to have as many men on her hooks as she can despite really being married. She tells people that she is single and free do as she pleases. She likes to “prey” on private English teachers that are desperate for work. One of her past teachers came forward and game me a warning about her. Be very careful with dealing with this person.

  4. Dear All… Saya Aini Ishibashi, kebetulan saya memiliki lembaga Kursus yang Khusus hanya kepada Bahasa JEPANG dan Budaya nya, di BINTARO SEKTOR 9 dan Lembaga saya ini baru berdiri Januari 2015 yang saya dirikan bersama suami saya Kazuaki Ishibashi. dan lembaga saya ini bernama RUMAH BAHASA JEPANG, saat saya mengurus idzin ke DIKNAS Tangerang Selatan, banyak yang menanyakan perihal keterkaitan Lembaga Kursus yang saya dirikan dengan RUMAH BAHASA Kelapa Gading dan LOTTE MART. saya tekan kan saya TIDAK MENGENAL PARA PENIPU Itu dan RUMAH BAHASA JEPANG tidak ada sangkut pautnya sama sekali dengan RUMAH BAHASA yang sudah menipu atas nama PENDIDIKAN!! miris saya mengetahui nya, mereka menipu orang banyak atas nama Pendidikan, sungguh saya dan suami adalah orang-orang yang ingin memajukan Anak Indonesia dengan Bahasa Jepang sebagai Bekal Masa Depan mereka, tapi kok ada ya sampai terkoordinir seperti RUMAH BAHASA tsb dalam menipu orang banyak!!

    (saat saya Pergi check itu RB Lotte, Heran saya dibuat nya! banyak banget Bahasa yang mereka ajarkan disitu ya, wong saya nyari Guru Bahasa Jepang dengan Sertikat Japanese Languange Proficiency Test (JLPT) saja susah kok itu ada ya bahasa Jepang disitu dicampur2 sama bahasa Lain…. Gurunya standarisasi apa ya)

    saat saya diberi tahu ada nama yang hampir sama dengan Lembaga Bahasa yang saya dirikan, saya check langsung ke Kelapa gading dan Lotte mart Bintaro, tapi 4 kali saya datang ke Bintaro Lotte Mart, tempat tersebut tutup atau berganti dengan Lab And Beyond?! apakah ini juga sama dengan Rumah Bahasa yang penipu tsb?! sy masih harus check.
    Mungkin nama kami hampir mirip. Tapi Rumah Bahasa Jepang atau RBJ yang saya dirikan berada satu atap dengan Rumah tinggal kami dan tidak ada hubungan nya dengan RB penipu tsb.

    Warm Regards
    Bintaro Sektor 9
    Jl Rajawali Blok HD 14 no 10
    (Cluster Rajawali)
    Tangerang selatan
    Call and WA

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