Email Leak: Luke Preece Discusses Conning DIKNAS and Relishes Axing Unwanted Teachers

The email below shows Luke Preece managing recruitment, especially with regards to illegal foreign labor. There are two especially interesting parts. In one he recommends hiring a teacher DIKNAS has explicitly rejected, showing that he is intent of defrauding the government in someone else’s country. This is an open admission of breaking Indonesian law. And in another part Mr. “Best Friend of Teachers” discusses how KTCs are good because they make it easier to get rid of teachers TBI doesn’t want. Teacher names have been deleted. Our purpose here is to highlight Luke Preece’s activities, not embarrass teachers. This email shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was Luke Preece who ran the illegal teachers program across a variety of different schools. He might try and scapegoat others but only someone determined not to see the truth could read this email and not see who was in charge of the TBI illegal teachers farce- Luke Preece, with his wank of a title- Business Development Technical Advisor.

Although ***** has been approved by DIKNAS we will employ him in a KTC capacity initially and at the completion of a two month agreement he will hopefully commence a 12 month standard teacher contract. C******* and I see this as preferential to having him start a 12 month contract while on a business visa and it also gives us an opportunity to better assess his competence and suitability. In fact the KTC agreement may actually be the best may in which to employ new teachers who have DIKNAS approval as it reduces risks. We currently employ DIKNAS approved teachers e.g Peasnu on standard agreements before they have legal documentation so using a KTC agreement makes it more ‘legal’. It also allows us to better assess new recruits over the first two months rather than both parties committing to 12 month agreements immediately. At least this is an approach to consider when we have some doubts about DIKNAS approved teachers. 

   TBI Jawa

   1)**** ***********

Note: There are a couple of other teacher who may be considered for KTC status at TBI Jawa and I will let you know if we make a decision here. These teachers are currently hourly paid and Scott and the AcTL need to do further assessment before a decision is made.

   TBI Dago

I have made a KTC offer to A***** T******* (recently rejected by DIKNAS) but no news yet.

I will soon put together a KTC brief for consultants and some engagement guidelines for SMs that will make aim to make this approach clearer. I will also establish a KTC limit for each school based on operational needs. My aim is to continue to aggressively recruit teachers that will likely be approved by DIKNAS, but to also hire KTCs to ensure that we have sufficient numbers of native speakers to maintain classes with the desired mix of NS/NNS.

Thanks for your support with this and I will keep you informed with development in this area.

Luke Preece TBI Business Development Technical Advisor

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