TBI Bekasi Former Teacher (Guest Post)

In light of recent events, I, as a contributor to this blog, feel the need to express to all readers and the disinformation spammers the reason behind why we, as a collective of past employees, did what we did. I imagine those in high positions – who are still there to this day – had never dreamed of the threat of repercussions for their actions or even of information getting out. Thus to me as a TBI Bekasi Victim- a phrase I did not invent, but which has become a commonplace- I already feel satisfied with what has happened. Even though no punishment has come to those whom deserve it, I still get the sense of closure thanks to the efforts of those running this blog. My story was heard. That was good enough for me.

What people fail to understand is that even though this blog is revealing the truth of what goes on, the disinformation agents make it out to be an attempt to shut the company down. On the contrary, we wish TBI to stay open. The potential the school has carrying the British name within its title gives pride to many whom are patriotic to their homeland. We see the potential it has but we also see what can happen when power is placed in the wrong hands. As someone who has lived through a nightmare of TBI politics- threats, theft, abuse, blackmail, bribery, corruption, lack of basic needs, being underpaid and overworked, I must ask those readers to heed my words when I say, “Fools rush where angels fear to tread”.

It would be foolish to work for this company, to invest in this company or even to learn from this company while so much is going on behind closed doors. Do not think of this as another business deal, think of this as you, being the person hiring and paying TBI for their teacher’s time, as a contributor to all that which is going on. By handing over your money, you are partaking and approving of the methods TBI uses. YOU should feel guilty too as you are taking part. It’s the same as hiring someone to run your business who uses child slave workers to do all the work. It’s knowing how they are running the business but turning a blind eye for your own benefit. It’s buying ivory knowing you just contributed to the killing of elephants. It’s renting a prostitute knowing the person’s life has nothing and no hope and you took advantage of that instead of giving the money to give someone the night off and a little bit of hope. This blog can do its part to raise awareness but in reality, it’s YOU that can put a stop to what is going on. You do not know how powerful you are and what a difference you can really make. So next time you decide to get some lessons, think first of what it means in the long run.

This blog is not an attack on the school; it’s the forum to raise awareness giving names and details of the people responsible for so much hurt, pain, hardship and regret. While they were living it up saying they were tall, we were at the bottom allowing them to stand on our shoulders while someone held  a gun to our head saying “don’t move”. With better management and the right people in control the school could be so much more. This is a calling for the readers to think twice, for the government to listen and for the owners to take down those responsible before they take you down first. It’s not just me. There are many of us out there and while this blog is ongoing, we are all waiting for the right time to go into the spotlight and tell our story as a group.

The disinformation artists can discredit one person’s story all they want, but when all of us stand together, bright-lit by the media, explaining what happened and who is responsible, all those people can do is hide. You can’t defend yourselves against all of us, you can’t discredit and try to make excuses. We are all in contact and will continue to contribute to this blog until we are ready to step up to the next level. This will garner more attention than a blog in time. Thank you all for your time.

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