Ex TBI Teachers Lash out at Luke, Binsar and Their Goons

Sick to death of the ridiculous jokes and comments left by Luke and his goons, one of the former TBI Bekasi victims has lashed out against the lies, intimidation and misinformation that is at the core of their business. It is a scathing letter but nothing he says about them is wrong. It is a well-deserved condemnation of a company that wades further and further into the morass of corruption and lies. Here’s the former TBI teacher’s letter, made in response to Luke’s goons in the comments box today:

Ex TBI Bekasi victims also no longer give a shit about TBI and were over it as soon as they left. You can’t actually see the point yet can you? You dumb fuck.

The point is, it was because of the actions of people like Luke- and now his goon squad spamming the comments section- that the teachers suffered. It wasn’t one man- it was all the fuckers in high positions in TBI that were responsible. The point here is not to give pity to the Ex TBI teachers, but to raise awareness of the sort of people in the disgusting, corrupt, human rights abusing, child molesting, slave driving business that is TBI. The stories released are meant to give further proof on TBI’s activities, not gain pity for the people giving evidence against them.

You absolute dumb shit. Have I spelled it out enough for you now? This is about those who are still in TBI playing their games and getting away with it, and this blog is about letting people know the facts of those activities. Focus, you might learn something. It’s not about those who were on the receiving end of the mafias disgusting ways, It’s about exposing the mafia themselves using facts and witnesses. Paham?

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