A Very Guilty Look

   Why was Mariam removed as Director of TBI in December 2012?

   Why did TBI Malang close?

   Why did it take 8 months to re-open?

   Why did TBI Cengkareng go bankrupt? 

   Why did TBI Semarang go bankrupt?

    Why was Scott Martin removed as manager for 8 months at TBI Riau?

    Why did every expat leave when Scott was manager?

    Why is there a no expat managers policy except for Luke’s degree-less “mate”?

    Why can’t TBI get enough qualified teachers?

    Why did Luke promote Cam 3 times if he thought he was bad?

    Why did TBI Bali advertise for staff 4 months ago and still isn’t open?

    Why did TBI’s JV partner dump them in Malang?

    Why hasn’t TBI opened a single new “group school” since 2007?

    Why did TBI franchise schools stop opening after Luke took over?

    Why doesn’t TBI punish Ashley to stealing intellectual property?

  These are just some of the questions which we can answer and they don’t even want to talk about. The answer to all of those questions is because they have slowly degenerated into a corrupt, dishonest, incompetent, nepotistic rabble who can’t be trusted. All they can do is shift blame and scapegoat, but their lack of growth and success, and their accident-prone history suggests that incompetence goes right to the top. The problem is Senior Management, and they aren’t going to fire themselves, are they?

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