Luke Preece: “I Dream of Snapping Mariam’s Neck” (Disturbing Material Warning)

People have sometimes asked us when the penny finally dropped that Luke Preece was a very bad egg. It was more of a slow process of realization as we heard more and more strange stories about his reputation in Bandung, but if there was a single moment when we started to worry, it was after Cam went for drinks with Luke Preece and Scott one night around August 2011. Once he had had a few drinks (Luke is usually boozing by six pm most nights) Luke started on his favorite topic: how much he hated Mariam Kartikatresni (the former TBI Director) and how much of an incompetent, unprofessional nincompoop she was. But on this occasion, he took it much too far, making us actively question whether he might have been some kind of psychopath. After that point Cam decided to stay as far clear as possible, but Luke continued his two-year harassment campaign against Cam, spreading lies about him through Matthew France and pestering Cam to go out for dinner time and again. “Come out for Indian, Cam,” was long one of Luke’s favorite pleas!

On this bizarre night in August 2011 Luke shared a fantasy about murdering Mariam. In a jaw-dropping confession, he admitted that he often played out scenarios of how to kill her. His favorite scenario, related in great detail, was of inviting her to his “villa” in “the hills of Bandung” and offering her a drink on the balcony. Once she was a little tipsy, he would nudge her hard enough to make her fall from the second-story balcony of the family home! But his lovely, sweet murder fantasy didn’t end there. There was one more delightful twist (pardon the bad pun- see below).

In his fantasy, the fall from the balcony hadn’t killed Mariam. She had broken some bones but was still breathing. He rushed downstairs, as if concerned about what had happened to her. He would look into her eyes (this is all his own material) and just when she thought he was going to save her, he would reach down and take her head in his hands… and then twist and snap her spine.

We have mentioned this story before in passing, but I have never offered it in full before. It is just so completely repulsive. But seeing how TBI has retained the services of this sociopath, Luke Preece, I thought it was time to let people know who is running these schools. At first Cam thought Luke had a bizarre, sick and macabre sense of humor, but he didn’t think Luke could possibly have been entirely serious. Still, it was enough to make Cam decide he had had enough of Luke Preece’s frequent invites for drinkies or dinner. Luke’s sense of humor was very off color and very unfunny, even if he wasn’t serious. But it was enough to make us discuss whether Luke, just possibly, might be crazy. We decided he was probably joking, but we weren’t entirely sure. Maybe he really was another TBI nut. 

About  3 months later Cam became a victim of a forged and fraudulent “resignation” which Cam had never made, and at that point former Luke victims came out of the woodwork and told us what Luke had been doing in Bandung. All of it was pretty disturbing and immoral stuff, which made the murder fantasies even more disturbing. We don’t know how crazy Luke really is, but we no longer doubt that his is a highly sick and disturbed psyche.

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