Wall Street Leaves TBI in the Dust

Wall Street English (WSE) is one of the world’s most successful private English language schools and currently operates in 28 countries with over 460 centers. With just 6 years in business in Jakarta, WSE’s success has been phenomenal – now over 8,000 students.


8000 divided by 6 = 1333 students per school.

In 2012 there was not one single TBI school with that many students. TBI Dago was just about the biggest, reaching 1000 students in 2011. (It has a captive market of IELTS students from the University of Pajajaran, which half owns the school and gets a cut of this money.) But we know for a fact TBI Bekasi had a meager 150 students and TBI Kelapa Gading had dropped below 200 students. TBI Cengkareng and TBI Semarang had less than 50 students apiece when they went under. TBI Sudirman had 28 teachers and a mere 200 teachers when Cam took it over in 2010. How has Wall Street reached 1300 plus students per school when many TBI schools have a mere 150 or 200 students on the book years after opening? 

The answer is simple. Wall Street is a multinational company which hires people with real degrees and real business experience. TBI is a kabal of n’er-do-well kids of rich Indonesian families, mixed with expats with Photoshopped degrees trying to pass themselves off as business experts. The whole crooked enterprise has started to come unstuck since Luke Preece moved to Jakarta and started firing and slandering people. No self-respecting TEFL teacher could possibly choose this bunch in 2013.

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