Why Were Mariam and Luke Demoted at the Same Time?

TBI is a secretive company. This is because it is a company with a lot to hide. As many shocking revelations as we have made on this blog, it is sobering to think that we probably know only a small percentage of the rot which has gone on. This is because we were never in the loop of corruption which centres on Mariam and Reza (with Luke as their sociopathic Aussie errand boy). All we heard was bitter whispers from Luke about how rottenly corrupt his Indonesian bosses were (while hiding his own dirty little secret that he was a sociopath who had forced enemy after enemy out of TBI in order to secure his own place at the banquet of corruption.) 

But just think about this point rationally. In late November 2012 Mariam was removed as TBI Director, a position she had fought tooth and nail to hold onto. When Pak Yoni was appointed as her replacement in June 2011, she used her connections to get him ousted within a couple of weeks and she was back in that position. In November 2012 she became Director of Testing at USG (USG has a fraction the revenue of TBI). It was a massive fall, cushioned only by retaining the honorific title ‘Director’.) The Javanese are all about face saving and fancy titles.Her title has since been amped up to Director of Testing and Language at USG, but the point remains that despite being married into an immensely rich family, her performance was so bad she couldn’t buy and bully her way into the TBI Director position forever- she absolutely sucked at her job and everyone knew it.

At the exact same moment Mariam lost her crown, Luke Preece of Port Noarlunga South Australia was removed as Head of Franchise- a position he had got after lobbying for months to get Retty fired from. He craved the title and power. It gave him the right to place eyes and ears in every TBI school and he was using it to built his fiefdom step by step. In Kelapa Gading he used Firlana- the laziest employee I have ever seen- to stir up trouble right at the end, in Malang he used Niah to hold secret meetings aimed at raking up dirt against GA, and in Depok he lied incessantly about Mariezka as School Manager, making her position there untenable. His reputation in the now bankrupt TBI Semarang was so bad they wouldn’t let him in the building. But he lost his Franchise empire at exactly the moment Mariam was fired as TBI Director. She had been in the job for 5 years and he had been Franchise Director for a couple of years at that point. Why did they both fall at the same time?

They both fell because everyone in the inner loop knew with certainty that were thick as thieves and had been in cahoots the whole time. Mariam and Luke were a team who worked hand in hand. What we have argued on this blog ie. that Mariam and Luke were a TB Mafia working against all rivals is well-known and accepted by everyone in the know. She rarely made a decision without consulting him, and he never told the truth, except when it advanced his own wicked agendas. Yes, Wati was lazy, for example, but he neglected to add that he had been using his stooges Nicola and Minerva (both of whom he had moved from Bandung to Jakarta himself) to further undermine her. Everyone in the inner loop is corrupt and self-serving and they know Luke is a scoundrel. They also knew he was Mariam’s Whitie lap-dog. The reason they both fell at the same time is because their complicity was so obvious. When the franchise owners insisted they didn’t want the fat bully Mariam as their Director, it was obvious her lap-dog had to go too. 


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