TBI’s Mission Statement: The Official Autopsy

TBI’s mission is to be the best English language training provider in Indonesia and Southeast Asia by offering world class training and customer service.


CamGod they have themselves on, don’t they?

InterviewerWhy do you say that?

CamOk, let me count the main reasons. 1) They don’t put any resources into their schools. 2) They don’t care about academic standards and many of their teachers and even managers don’t have degrees. 3) They aren’t in any other country besides Indonesia, which means that whole “Southeast Asia” bit has been a flop. 4) World-class training does not involve hiring people illegally and hoping you don’t get caught. It doesn’t involve Binsar running your school or Ashley plagiarizing business models. Basically, it’s just ridiculous.


One of their supposed values is “trust and integrity”!

Interviewer: Any comments about their values of trust and integrity?

Cameron: This is completely absurd as we have shown over and over again. How much trust does a company inspire in which teachers have received death threats? Multiple teachers at TBI Bekasi have been robbed within the school and in the car park. Are you supposed to trust a gang of thieves? Binsar uses his own kid as a spy! Where’s the trust there? As I have said, this is so far from the truth it is absurd, a complete joke.

Interviewer: Another one of their supposed values is “intercultural cooperation”. How do much intercultural harmony and cooperation do you see at TBI?

Cameron: I see none. At one point I was disparaged as ‘si bule’ in work emails. Is it respectful to go around calling expats “bules” in work correspondence? Is it respectful to come up with a plan to axe every single expat manager and then lie about what you are doing? When you think of “intercultural cooperation” do you think of axing expat managers, blaming the victim and then replacing them with “lower-cost” Indonesian replacements? Ibu Ning was so condescending she never even spoke to expats except Luke and Ashley. And when those TBI Bogor teachers got deported TBI just washed their hands off the whities and ordered more. Nothing has changed since 2007. When an expat teacher was lied to about THR by Binsar, Hery supported Binsar and refused to help the teacher. Their values are meaningless. They flagrantly ignore them.

In short we would like to suggest that these values were never more than surface deep and since Luke has gained more power, they have stopped even trying to implement them. Underneath these fake “let’s pretend” values, the real ugly values of TBI fester. Here is what we suggest is the true value system of The Bullshit Institute.

1. Look after yourself and screw the next guy.

2. Stroke your own ego and build your own prestige by running other people down.

3. Do as little work as possible and attack, condemn and exploit the people who do work hard.

4. Never criticize the egos of the people at the top of the tree (The TBI Mafia).

5. Smear the name of anyone who has any real integrity or morals.

6. Never invest the profits in the company’s future. Line your own pockets if you can get away with it.

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