Tudor (234 More Posts On Jakarta ESL on Living in Indo!!!)

In this post Tudor discusses “his interview for Wall Street”. He doesn’t get the job! He also claims to have interviewed for Direct English and EF but never gets around to mentioning where he worked. What he does reveal is detailed knowledge of TBI in his posts which includes the sort of insider information about DIKNAS which only Preece and Bradbury knew in my time with TBI. All told Tudor, whoever he is, has posted over 400 times on Dave’s and Living in Indo. For someone who claims that we are obsessed with TBI, he has written about it hundreds of times incognito himself. Who is this Tudor? I wonder if he will dare come forward and unmask himself? Anyway, here is his account of his failed interview at Wall Street- believe it or not! We wonder who this person having the last word 400 times about Jakarta ESL schools is.

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You’re welcome. I had two interviews with them, the first was more of a general one, and then for the second I had to take in a lesson plan and talk the interviewer through it. He can’t have been too impressed as I wasn’t offered the job! All I can remember been asked is why I wanted to work for Wall Street, but beyond that I really couldn’t say. I’d be prepared for some language and grammar questions (how would you explain the present perfect is always a popular one) and then the usual interview type questions about your strengths and weaknesses blah blah blah. 

They’re a very slick operation and their marketing in Jakarta is fantastic (certainly compared to their rivals), so, as I alluded to before, make yourself sound dynamic and be ultra-positive about everything – throw a few “awesomes” in there, I reckon they’ll lap that up! Seriously though, their target market is young (18-30) wealthy, westernised, educated Indonesians and they want individuals who will be able to engage with these students on the same level – basically, they don’t want boring old farts, or boring young ones come to that.

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