Tudor Discusses TBI’s Bonus System (Never Worked for ‘Em Though)


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Yeah, a couple of years ago Wall Street’s entry-level salary was 12 million although experienced teachers may well have been able to negotiate a bit more. So, yes, with a couple of years’ experience behind them, someone should be able to walk into Wall St on 17 million now. That’s not to be sniffed at when you consider EF pay their newbies around 8 million. 

It’s perhaps surprising then that Wall St haven’t increased their holiday entitlement commensurately. Even four extra days would make a big difference meaning teachers could take four weeks off throughout the year. Having said that, I don’t think American companies in general are particularly generous with leave so maybe 16 days is considered reasonable by American standards. AFAIK, EF give 22 days annual leave. 

TBI have altered their bonus; I think teachers get $500 after six months and then $1000 upon completion of contract. It’s generally accepted – as in it’s not worth rocking the boat over – that an end-of-year contract is in lieu of the 13th month salary but, with that in mind, the bonus ought to match a full month’s salary and not be paid in US dollars. Anyway… 

So, there you have it OP. I think you need to decide what factors are important for you (salary, holidays, work/life balance, career progression, types of teaching etc) and take it from there as the two schools are pretty much evenly matched. 

Ya never know bb69, that “free-flow coffee” might just swing it in Wall Street’s favour after all Very Happy

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