Tudor Claims ESl Teachers at Mercy of Immigration and Employers

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I wouldn’t say it’s a huge risk, but it’s a real one nonetheless. 

I’ve been at work on two occasions when Immigration have come calling and classes have had to be cancelled whilst all the teachers were sent home to get their passports and work permits (KITAS). Fortunately, everyone was legal but these guys can be quite unpleasant and were interrogating teachers and threatening them with prison if they were found to be illegal. 

I’ve also heard (unsubstantiated) reports of teachers having to hide under desks or run out of back doors when Immigration have come round. The punishment for working illegally isdeportation and a maximum fine of 50 million rupiah and/or five years imprisonment. This will no doubt be pooh-poohed by some expats because they have the mentality or belief that they will be able to buy their way out of any legal trouble. Whilst I don’t doubt that you could ‘negotiate’ a less severe punishment, I think deportation and a fine would be inevitable. I’m fairly sure the Indonesian authorities are happy to make examples out of foreigners who think they can come to their country and behave as they please. 

So there you have it Sudz; probably not a huge risk but not much fun if you do get caught. Don’t forget that you’re also at the mercy of your employer as well as you will have no employment rights. It’s your call!

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