Another Non-Mafia School Manager Replaced

This is just to inform people that Luke’s main Australian crony- the degreeless Scott Martin- is now back at Jalan Riau as School Manager again. In a typical TBI pattern, Ratna, who was not a TBI Mafia member, had replaced Scott last year but she lasted just eight months before she was gone too and Scott Martin- who has been Luke’s best friend since he was 5 years old- is now back in charge. You will remember that Mariezka swore to me that Luke Preece had thrown away her CV and claimed never to have received it despite the fact that it was still in her inbox. He also ruled out Ratna and Jodi (who had a decade’s more experience than Scott) jointly running the school. Well, the man who lied that Cameron was in danger of being deported and told the school manager of the former TBI Malang that he had to resign and lie that was his own idea will stop at nothing to dispose of rivals and Ratna has gone. Surprise, surprise. And God knows the Indonesian staff at Riau will be sorry to have this crooked nincompoop back in charge. They cheered when he was removed last time.

As we have said over and over again, there is a small clique inside this company focused around Luke Preece and his mistress and lackey who systematically attack and undermine anyone who isn’t in their gang. Ratna lasted less than a year before she was removed, replaced by the useless Scott who scandalously couldn’t even keep books in stock in 2012 and forced teachers to work in government schools without visas. 

   Does anyone have any hope for this clownish circus?

Preece-Martin Chronology

April 2010– Martin appointed School Manager of Jalan Riau, Preece claims he was the only candidate. Scott has no degree and hasn’t even been Actel first. Human Relations were not informed that Preece and Martin were old friends. Tuti didn’t even know this until we told her 18 months later!

April-May 2010– 6 weeks of chaos reigns at TBI Riau. Mariezka complains that Preece threw away her CV so his best friend could get it. Jodi backs Mariezka and complains to Mariam. Mariam, as usual, backs Preece over the honest person.

March 2012– After we start this blog, teachers contact us saying that Scott is a useless and tyrannical manager who has forced expats without KITASes to teach at government schools, exposing them to danger.
We get more emails which says books are out of stock and Scott is aloof and arrogant. In one case, Indonesian teaches went 7 weeks wihout being paid and Scott didn’t even explain why. When we contact the school, staff freely tell us they don’t like him and wish he was gone.

April 2012– Scott Martin is removed as School Manager and replaced by Ratna, who had effectively ran the school for 5 years before him. We receive hundreds of abusive emails in the wake of this and many of them claim that being moved to TBI Paskal, a tiny school, is ‘a promotion’!

December 2012-– Mariam is forced out of TBI and Luke loses all the franchise schools, returning to Group Schools only.

2013-– With Mariam gone, yet another non-Mafia manager is forced out of TBI. Ratna follows Wati, RD, CL and anyone else who isn’t a cowed sycophant to Preece. Perhaps it was Mariam who forced Scott to step aside, because as soon as she was gone, Scott Martin, Luke’s best friend and co-conspirator, is back in charge of Riau. Once again being a yes-man to Preece is the only way to survive in this cut-throat company.

As we have said all along, Preece has a vicious vendetta against anyone who doesn’t obey his delusions of grandeur. Ratna is gone, replaced by the dimwitted Preece loyalist, Scotty.

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