TBI Mafia Furious About Money Laundering Suspicions

After weeks of silence, the TBI hecklers are back. Seems that the mention of the word ‘money laundering’ has put the fear and loathing back in them. Typically these slimeballs have nothing to say about the fact that we now have around 30 pieces of documentary evidence (emails, reports, testimonials and income statements) from TBI Bekasi alleging that the owner has been lying to and abusing teachers. Typically they have nothing to say about the fact that Mariam has gone as TBI Director after 6 years and they were too cowardly to even announce it. Typically they have nothing to say about the shameful and farcical situation whereby another ESL school is now calling itself TBI Indonesia too. (Nice handiwork there, Luke and Mariam. What a true joke.) These things are all remarkable but not a word. Because they aren’t interested in discussing facts. They are just interested in maintaining the slimy cover-up of their disgusting Binsar-protecting antics. They really turn the stomach these Michelles, Pascals and other anonymous TBI defenders.

All they have to say is that it is ‘flight of fancy’ to say that Japri was using TBI for nefarious purposes. He calls it a ‘flight of fancy’. But is it a ‘flight of fancy’ that Japri provided no income statements for the period 2010-2011 whatsoever? No, it is fact. I have the emails where Head Office kept pestering me to find out where they were. Is it a ‘flight of fancy’ that PT. Dian Harapan Prima, the owner of TBI Kelapa Gading, dissolved itself in 2011? No. It is fact. 

Is it perhaps ‘untrue’ that the school never accepted debit-machine payments from 2006-2011? No this is a fact. Does ‘Pascal’ not find it odd that a school making $200,000- $300,000 revenue would not have debit card or credit card facilities? It is surely as odd as David Bradbury’s slanderous job interview performances. Did we imagine that Japri started asking students who were determined to pay electronically to make direct transfers to his own bank account? No, and more on this oddness soon.

Did we just imagine that PT. Astra, one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia, refused to deal with TBI Kelapa Gading in 2011 until they proved they paid tax? No. We have printed the emails. It is not just us who finds their finances odd. Major Indonesian companies dumped them because of how sloppy their financial records and tax records were. Did I imagine that Astra accused TBI Kelapa Gading of being a tax cheat? No again. This is fact. 

We say that Japri’s refusal to keep income statements or verifiable accounting statements was so he could rig the books at TBI Kelapa Gading. Who would know how little or how much money passed through when there are no records? The school was just a vacuum in terms of income statements and financial records. Why did a man who is an accountant by profession refuse to follow any accounting or record-keeping standards whatsoever? What was he up to?

A final thought here. We did not receive over $10,000 in late payments for 10 months from Astra because TBI Kelapa Gading could not prove it followed Indonesian tax law. The owners quite openly told me that they weren’t paying taxes and couldn’t provide the documents requested. $10,000 is a lot of money, but it was peanuts to what TBI hadn’t paid to the Indonesian government, so they had to pass on that one until they had set up a new company to bill Astra. There is no doubt at all that they are tax cheats. Why is there any reason to believe that proven liars and cheats like Japri who didn’t tax tax from ESL schools would be any more honorable in paying tax on their much larger palm oil profits? Japri is a known crook who cheats, schemes and lies. If he is too cheap to pay tax on a small business, why would he be any more honest on his big bucks? 

But this conversation is all a little too close to the bone for the TBI Mafia methinks.

One thought on “TBI Mafia Furious About Money Laundering Suspicions

  1. Your sorry sarcasm will not dartect people’s attention from the fact that you have lied to them and then told more lies to cover up the old lies when you were sprung. Lies, cover-ups, denials, lies to cover up old lies, making new lies to elaborate on old lies What a way to waste your life, Preece. Port Noarlunga should be praying they don’t get the Great White Lie Machine in their waters again.

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