Behind the Preece Demotion Part 2. Who Pushed Luke-Michelle Preece?

Having established in Part 1. that there is no way the power-hungry, prestige-obsessed Preece would have given up control of 11 out of 16 TBI schools voluntarily, we demonstrated that at the end of 2012 Luke Preece was clearly forced to give up his Franchise School dominion. In short, Luke Preece was pushed out of Franchise- he didn’t jump. This is backed up by the fact that this blog received almost 100 angry, ranting messages from ‘Michelle’ just after the time of his demotion, showing that Michelle Preece was in a dirty mood and out to vent some spleen. In not one of these furious and abusive posts did she mention that 2 schools had dumped TBI and gone solo. Nor did she mention that she had lost her Franchise empire. We had to find all of his info out from other sources. In short, Preece was humiliated and furious at losing most of his power in TBI and was desperate to keep the information from us, his most perceptive critics!

This raises the fascinating question of who pushed Preece? While we are sure that he was pushed, the identity of the pusher is not clear, so we warn you in advance that this post is conjectural. But we hope that our discussion will shed a little light on the probabilities of this biggest ever demotion (losing 11 schools at once OMG!!!) in the history of TBI.

In a normal company it would have been the TBI Director, Mariam Kartikatresni, who demoted him. God knows she has enough reason to do so. The bumbling incompetent was supposed to open 2 new TBI schools in 2012 as TBI Business Manager. But rather than TBI being +2, it ended the year -2, with TBI Semarang and TBI Malang dumping this failing company. Considering the trivial matters which some people have been slandered for (Cameron was apparently a ruthless bastard according to Matthew France for not agreeing to give him a laundry allowance that no else got either!), this is a failure on a massive scale. Luke Preece really screwed the pooch in terms of business development in 2012: clearly he deserved the demotion, and really is nothing but a liability to TBI. But there are compelling reasons to believe that the corrupt Kartikatresni is completely in cahoots with Luke Preece and that it wasn’t her who pushed her uselsss accomplice.

When he interviewed people in Malang, they told us that Preece and Kartikatresni had been acting together in trying to force the school manager GA out. Both Preece and Kartikatresni had ordered GA to step down and lie it was his own idea. This shows the two of them are on the same team, working for a take-over of all TBI schools and removing any criticial parties. Despite all of Luke’s slander and vitriol against Mariam, their mutual loyalty and cooperation appears undiminished. Perhaps she taunts him in private over how much he has damaged TBI, but they are still part of the same criminal conspiracy.

We want you to resign and tell other people it was your own idea…..
This is an old-time favorite which has been forced on both GA and poor Mariezka. Luke and Mariam are in cahoots in an attempt to take over TBI. They have succeeded but are so incompetent that it has started to shrink and shrivel the moment it fell into their grasp.

So if it wasn’t Luke’s partner-in-crime Mariam who pushed Luke-Michelle Preece, who was it? Could it have been Reza? After all, Reza Suriansha flew to Malang to beg forgiveness for the rudeness and unprofessionalism of Mariam and Luke. Luke’s removal as Head of Franchise followed hot on the heels of Reza’s doomed mission to save TBI Malang. Could it have been Reza Suriansha- the COO (Chief Operations Officer)- who got rid of this wretched con-man, Luke Preece?

He may have had a part in it. Reza first became the COO in April 2012 just when Scott Martin, Luke Preece’s crony and subaltern, was kicked out of Group Schools. At this point Luke got someone besides Mariam above him in the TBI hierachy and Luke’s dodgiest appointment, Scott Martin, was reversed. Clearly in response to the initial burst of scandal accompanying the appearance of this blog, people in TBI realized what a scoundrel Preece was and tried to reign him in by having a COO oversee him. But it wasn’t entirely successful clearly as Mariam and Luke were eventually back to their old tricks, trying to use underhanded means to force out GA, just like they had done to Cameron. The COO would certainly have broadcast news of how Luke had screwed the pooch back to TBI Head Office and it is surely not a coincedence that Luke was soon kicked out of the role. Reza is pure TBI Mafia himself, up to his eyeballs in tax evasion, but he wouldn’t have enjoyed having to clean up Luke’s whoopsies in Malang or being rejected by the joint venture partner because of Preece’s mistakes. It seems likely Reza’s report from TBI Malang was influential in the Preece dumping.

There is another group of people besides Reza ‘COO’ Suriansha who need consideration. That is the franchise owners themselves. Quite a number of them were furious with Preece. The franchise owner of Semarang ordered him out of the building the year before they left the fold. The owners of TBI Kelapa Gading, furious at the bad advice Head Office had given them in February 2012, which had eventually led to our resignation, demanded that the loss of 3 expats simultaneously be reversed by Preece. Preece ‘fixed’ this situation by lying to 2 teachers that Kelapa Gading could get them visas; they soon left, swearing that Luke Preece was a shameless liar. Thus the owners of TBI Kelapa Gading were also given a rude lesson at this point in how little Preece was to be trusted and within 3 months the school had lost 40% of its classes and students, with the owners duped by Preece and Platts. This is hardly a good advertisement for his integrity. Furthermore, Cam has told me that the manager of TBI Medan often made excuses not even to talk to Preece and he spent only a few minutes in her company when he flew there to meet her and audit the school. She then claimed to have ‘an emergency’ and his trip to Medan was a waste of time. Mariezka had also warned the owners of Cibubur and Depok not to trust Preece in 2012. They believed him and not her at the time, but are they still making the same mistake now?

In summary, there is little reason to believe that Mariam would have demoted Preece unless she was forced to. On the contrary, she has protected him time and again for many years, and even nastily threatened me with threats of being fired or the subject of legal action if I continued my investigation into Luke’s murky past in TBI Bandung. The two of them are thick as thieves. There is every reason to believe that Luke’s scandalous behaviour in Malang was a precipitator of his demotion and there is every reason to think that the multiple franchise owners refusing to have anything to do with him, culminating in the defection of TBI Semarang from the TBI fold, had also made him a completely unacceptable Head of Franchise. He burned his bridges and tries to blame others. The good news is that this corrupt, lying scoundrel has less schools to torment and slander people in. The shame is that he has dragged TBI’s name down into the gutter with him.

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