9 Months to Deliver a Promise Jodi-Jamila?

The rot spreads far and wide at TBI, doesn’t it? One of the areas in which it is most substandard is the timely delivery of promises. We heard yesterday how Jodi Sheik turned up for the annual whitewash- oh sorry, we mean audit- in April 2012 and somehow found things to be ok at TBI Bekasi. She issued a promise to develop workshop packs as Academic Development Muppet, a role she finds herself qualified to hold despite having no degree in any subject when she took it on.

But Ms Sheik’s promised workshop materials never turned up at TBI. Nine months on there was still no sign of them. Outside the Head Office sheltered workshop taking nine months to make a few sheets of paper would inspire nothing but derision and contempt. In China they build railways faster than these people make a few power point slides. This is not just a case of mild lateness, it is a terminal condition where no one in the Inner Loop does anything productive and any pathetic excuse will do. According to Cam they have actually been talking about these materials for years- a few lousy sheets of paper or slides- and year after year nothing emerges. 

The Bekasi teachers have seen through Head Office’s sloth, indolence and lack of integrity time and again but the likes of Ms Sheik waltz in, make empty promises they soon break and have the nerve to get uppity when former teachers question them. The real problem is an utter lack of accountability and professionalism inside Head Office, where servile loyalty to the main crooks is the main criteria for being accepted. Jodi no longer questions Luke or Mariam so her sloppy standards and broken promises to teachers are deemed acceptable. She ought to spend a little more time considering how she looks to outsiders. They are less likely to be impressed by the flimsy excuses that are par for the course in TBI. You can’t take 9 months to develop a workshop seminar and not be regarded as a bit of a joke by your teachers. In the past Sheik has offered the lame self-justification that she sells out to feed her family. Many people have families Jamila but they don’t sell out year after year to the likes of Preece to provide for them. But we would like to remind her of her non-familial responsibilities to her teachers and students. This slack delivery means letting down TBI students and their families. Her disregard for other peoples’ needs shows that the family excuse is just self-interest trying to disguise itself as moral responsibility. Seems like fewer and fewer people are impressed by Sheik’s integrity of late.

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