Bekasi Teacher’s Report 2012-2013 Part 12. Binsar’s Lack of Personal Integirty

Teacher A mentioned previously that Binsar is rumoured to practise black magic and several people do believe that quite strongly. He says he’s a Christian but he doesn’t go to church instead he drops
his children at the church and waits outside. I wonder why? What’s he got to hide from God? Kind of reminds me of Adam hiding from God after eating the forbidden fruit. It’s usually a sign of guilt of some kind.

He doesn’t have a good notion of personal space. When he speaks to people he often speaks right in your face, and often speaks very fast and loudly and so can be quite intimidating. He does this in the classroom with students. Most of the time he’s teaching you can here him talking, he likes making jokes with the students, teasing them and moving his chair forwward so he’s right in their faces. He also sweats profusely and can smell bad.

I don’t know about the accusations of sexual harassment. Teacher B told me that he had asked her out to lunch and she had refused as she didn’t feel comfortable with him. Another Indonesian female teacher, teacher C, said that he often came over to her house to talk about problems. Regarding student advisors, we have had a very high turnover in the last year. Two have come and gone, another I haven’t seen for several weeks so maybe she’s gone also. Considering at any one time you only have one or two working on
the front desk three is a high turnover. The two that are currently working; one’s a woman who started in November, the other a young man who’s just started (no relation to the office assistants I don’t think and unusual I think as the student advisors are typically female). He also employs his daughters during the holidays and gives them special treatment over the other office staff. So why SA’s keep leaving I don’t know.

Regarding students; I was teaching one class, Beverly, a class of teenage girls maybe 15-16 years old. They asked me for my contact details (phone/facebook etc.). I told them that couldn’t say as it’s not professional for teachers to have personal contact details of students, particularly current students and particularly male teacher-female students. They looked at me quite surprised and said that they had Mr Binsar in their private Blackberry Messenger Network. I didn’t check their phone to verify so whether they were telling the truth I’ll leave up to you to decide. However, I think that they probably were telling the truth.

One time when I was in the Depnaker with Binsar and my priest, Binsar recieved a message on his phone. He said it was a student and that he often recieved messages from former students. He joked that he rarely replied to them. He was trying to make out that he was popular I think. But I think it leads to a picture of someone who routinely gets and uses students personal contact details including minors. Such an activity in the UK would be called ‘grooming’ and would be illegal under the law. I don’t know the law in Indonesia but I would certainly advise any parents sending their children to TBI Bekasi to be particularly careful around Binsar for this reason.

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