Preece Rushes to Simorangkir’s Defense (Again)

Towards the end of last year ‘Michelle’ loved to crow that he had ‘no new material’ and were ‘getting very boring and repetitive’. She also got her stooge Minerva to pester us with smses and Facebook comments complaining about the ‘boring repetetiveness of it all’. It was ridiculously transparent of course. Once you know not to trust a thing Luke or his cronies say, their taunts are much less upsetting.

Luke ‘Michelle’ Preece, seemingly deserted by most of her former cronies these days, might succeed better in discouraging us if her taunts and jibes weren’t so transparent and flimsy, because when you disprove one charge (eg. we have no new material) she just ignores the fact and starts on something else. Never once does she admit her mistakes, which just makes her seem like an egotistical buffoon puffed up on belief of her own hype. She isn’t half as clever as she thinks she is, and besides taunts and jeers, what else does this con-woman have?

She seems to want to have it both ways at the moment: half her posts allege that our documents have been fakely encoded right down to the ‘hex codes’ (whatever they are) in order to deceive the ESL public (and she used to accuse us of being conpsiracy theorists!!!) while the other half of the time, she admits she knows that the TBI Bekasi Incomes Sheet is real but questions our interpretation of it!!! Wanting to have it both ways is one of her trademarks from one back. This is her latest little ‘contribution’, which she dropped into the comments box:

You offered nothing to verify that your interpretation of the numbers is correct. Failed again fuckhole.

Um, but I thought you said it was fake two minutes ago? So now you are admitting that its true but want to question our analysis of it? Hmmmm, try keeping your line straight Michelle. You might improve your credibility rating, which is now at rock-bottom levels. Nonetheless, if Michelle wants to suggest an alternative explanation of why Binsar pays his staff the piddling total of Rp 5.000.000 or less and racks up Rp 35.000.000 of ‘staff expenses’ on the income statement, we would love to hear it. We might even publish it, unlike Michelle’s last 30 messages to this forum. However, we say in advance that being the staunch ‘expat’ defender of Binsar is about the lowest job we could possibly imagine. There seems, to us, no depths to which Luke ‘Michelle’ Preece will not stoop. But we are waiting Michelle: why did BInsar’s staff costs double in a failing school in mid 2012? Enlighten us.

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