TBI Bekasi Teacher’s Report 2012 (Part 3). Various Teacher Scams

Binsar had got me a proper working visa and KITAS which is better than other TBI schools by the sounds of things. However, he insists on keeping your KITAS as he’s paranoid youmay be working elsewhere in your free time. The previous teacher, P****, complained about this and said that he wasn’t legally allowed to do so. This wasn’t mentioned in the contract but nothing changed, he kept my KITAS up until November 2012 when I got it to change my visa from single-entry to double-entry. Binsar refused to pay for me to change my visa so I had to organise and pay for it myself as I was visiting family in the US for Thanksgiving. Since then and through all the contract complaints I’ve kept my KITAS myself. When getting my KITAS back I had to sign a form saying I accepted responsibility if I lost it etc. My contract required me to teach 24 hours a week from Monday through Saturday. This was stuck to pretty rigidly for the first half of the year. However, in May 2012 the otherteacher, P****, stopped working for TBI. Since May 2012 I can confirm that I was the only legally employed native-speaker teacher at TBI Bekasi. Consequently I was regularly teaching overtime with regular schedules of 26-27 hours a week.

I feel that I have given a strong committment to TBI but that committment wasn’t reflected in their shoddy treatment when negotiating about airfare and THR. I say ‘legally-employed’ native-speaker teacher, as Binsar does employ another teacher on a part-time basis. This teacher ‘Ted Jones’ is an American guy in his 50’s? who does not have the legal documents to work at TBI Bekasi. I know this because Binsar himself told me so. TBI Bekasi got a contract with Mortar Utama Cement to teach business Englishand TOEIC preparation (the course was arranged through TBI Head Office by Luke). The course was supposed to be 25% native-speaker and Binsar told me that I would have to go as he couldn’t send Ted as the company would ask to see his working documents and that Binsar didn’t have any. Whether ‘Ted’ is here on a marriage visa or works somewhere else I don’t know. But Ted has been working throughout the year I have been here on Saturdays and since October teaching Thursdays. He also gets complaints from every class for being boring as he doesn’t do any preparation (he arrives when the class starts)and just teaches the book. But I assume that as I’m leaving ‘Ted’ may well be teaching all the classes as there is no one else. Binsar has so far failed to find a replacement for me.

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