TBI Kuningan’s Mystery Fee

Look at Screen Dumps #19 and #20 and you will find one section which says ‘management services’. It looks quite innocent and innocuous but it it may be the single biggest smoking gun of dodgy accounting practices on the whole tax-evading scam of an income statement. You see the deduction made for these management services is 75 million rupiah per month from a single school! You go to the screen dump for September 2011 and there it is again. In just two months over $15000 was taken out for non-existent management services.

The school manager at that time was receiving just over twenty-two million rupiah per month, so this mystery management fee was three and a half times the size of the actual manager’s salary. Could the mystery amount be Luke or Mariam’s wage for long lunches and ‘working from home’? Alas, no. These managers’ wages were deducted elsewhere and spread across all schools. Did it include Cameron’s salary? Again no. That was in staff salaries.

Now seventy-five million was more than the combined wages of Cam, Atika, Eny, Scott and Alex and it was being taken from just one school. In short, whoever was receiving that ‘management fee’ was taking more money than five school managers combined and they never even came into the school that was paying them. You can also rest assured that massive mysterious management fees were also being taken out of the other schools. Over $90,000 was taken from a single school in 2011 alone for imaginary management services and not even the actual manager knew who was receiving it!

Cameron did pressure Luke to ask Reza what the fee was and who was receiving it, but he was merely told that this was confidential information. Put this info together with the fact TBI was engaged in extensive income tax evasion at the same time and corporate tax evasion as well and the real reason why Luke and his cronies attack us becomes clear. TBI is a really a criminal conspiracy enriching a select few through labyrinthine scams while providing few resources to its tech-poor classrooms stocked increasingly with underpaid Indonesian teachers.

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