Cammy’s Thoughts on Interview #56

I just read Sean’s interview with the TBI Bekasi teacher. I wanted to add a few thoughts about the teacher’s comments.

1) TBI franchise schools are not supposed to do price increases in September, so the teacher is absolutely right to wonder whether Binsar has done this with official approval. Price increases are only supposed to be done at the start of the year.

2) Seeing how this comes from Binsar, who made death threats against multiple teachers, breaking a price increase rule is really only a minor infringement by that guy’s standards. It does suggest serious financial problems, though.

3) In addition, that business about random price increases and off-the-book classes for Binsar’s pocket does emphasise how weak and shambolic the franchise system is. Head Office don’t know what’s going on in their own backyard.

4) Luke used to tell me what a genius Ashley was for inventing the TBI franchise system. People who actually work in those schools always have a much less rosy view. The franchise system is completely broken and dysfunctional. These Head Office people live in a parallel universe. They just don’t recognise how bad things are in TBI.

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