Luke Preece’s ‘Snowtown’ Management Style

A few weeks ago I watched the highly acclaimed Australian movie, ‘Snowtown’, about Australia’s worst serial killer, John Bunting, who led a degenerate gang of killers who murdered gays, pedophiles, obese people, drug users and anyone else Bunting deemed to be social parasites who needed to be ‘taken out’. While I am not suggesting that Preece’s crimes extend beyond fraud, forgery and conspiracy to steal, his methods with his two latest Indonesian victims reminded me strongly of John Bunting.

Bunting, a master manipulator, forced his victims into making recorded statements that they had chosen to move away. These were then left on the answering machines of the family members of the victims. Bunting used this tactic to help cover up his crimes. Wikipedia describes how this worked with one of the victims called Johnson:

Bunting’s associate Wagner then applied handcuffs to Johnson and he was forced by Bunting to read a script Bunting had earlier prepared. This was recorded on a computer and later left on an answering machine.

We see the same pattern in some of Bunting’s other slayings:

Lane was forced by Bunting to call his mother; he told her he would be moving to Queensland and that he wanted nothing further to do with her. Lane was then murdered and his body was dissolved in a barrel of acid.

Now this technique is very similar to how Luke Preece has behaved with his Indonesian victims. With both Mariezka (who had complained about Preece to Mariam over the rigged Scott Martin appointment) and GA, the school manager of Malang, which Preece recently lost with his botched attempt to claim GA’s scalp, Luke provided his victims with a ‘script’ that they were told to repeat to anyone who asked their reasons for leaving. Mariezka conformed to me she liked her job but Preece was lying constantly about her to the franchise owners; eventually she too was pushed and told to lie it was her own idea. Here is the script which GA was provided with to tell everybody else:

This is my own choice. I know this is a difficult choice but I have to move on. I am sure there are a lot of opportunities out there. 
GA was told to say this to anyone who asked his reasons for leaving TBI. He had been instructed to make this false statement  by Luke and Mariam- a truly evil pair in my opinion.
However, later GA told the JV partner what Preece and Kartikatresni had done and they were rightly horrified. They flew to Jakarta and broke off the contract with the wretched Preece-Kartikatresni pairing. I was later told that the school manager had never wanted to leave TBI but he had been ordered to make that forced, coerced statement by Preece.
When we say that Preece’s methods are those of the sociopath and mafia thug, we aren’t kidding.


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