Part 55. Why Did Luke Lie About M***? (Screen Dump #15) (Updated!)

In this interview we look at Luke Preece and Matthew France’s lies about former teacher M*** and ask what game they are playing now.

Do you recognize the email in Screen Dump #15?

Yes I do. I belongs to a former long-time TBI teacher whose first names start with M.

In it expresses a great deal of respect for you as a manager and distances himself from the slanderous and defaming comments of Matthew France and Craig Cooper. Why was this necessary?

This was after Matthew France, Luke’s long-time co-conspirator, had lied to all and sundry that he he had been told by email that he wouldn’t be renewed. This was a blatant lie, as we have already shown multiple written emails by both myself and Preece to HR which state clearly that Matthew himself had been approached in person several times and had expressed he didn’t want to continue at TBI. We have also documented he was given a deadline by which to change his mind and this too had passed. 

But Matthew France is a liar and slanderer. You have also printed Lipi’s email, right, where she confirmed that France had approached her and told her not to do over-time and was telling every new teacher not to trust me? Matthew France has been caught out as Luke’s agent undermining my reputation by lies and slander again and again. Preece himself called France, ‘a poisonous influence’ in one of those screen dumps. This stuff is on the record well and truly.

Luke Preece came back to me and lied that this teacher, M****, had ‘liked’ the comments on Facebook, showing that he too was against me. But the teacher M*** had contradicted this and shown he had liked the previous statement. Preece had misrepresented M***’s actions and M*** was taking the time to confirm that he didn’t wish to defame me- his own words- showing that he clearly thought Matthew France was acting in a defamatory manner.

Do you think Luke Preece could possibly have made ‘an honest mistake’ and have misread what M**** had written?

No I don’t believe that this is a matter of Luke’s inability to read. This is another case of Luke’s inability to tell the truth and his determination to twist everyone else’s words to further his own agenda. 

Where was this teacher M*** working at this period?

He was teaching at TBI Sudirman.

Can you tell our readers what unusual request Luke Preece made of you just after he lied that M*** had supported Matthew France’s hate campaign?

He requested that I go over from TBI Sudirman and tell M*** that he couldn’t be renewed again due to the new DIKNAS regulations.

Why on Earth would you have been asked to tell this bad news to M*** when you weren’t even his manager?

Luke Preece told me that he thought an expat would handle the issue more sensitively than an Indonesian and that he would really appreciate it if I would help him out in this way.

Had Atika, the manager of Sudirman, ever been asked to manage your staff?

Of course not. It was a very unusual request but the thing was, like many other people, Preece had me fooled for a long time. I was increasingly suspicious of him but I had given him the benefit of the doubt that he had misread M***’s Facebook comments. I didn’t imagine that he could possibly have been getting away with lying and defrauding and scamming for a decade, all the while protected by Mariam. It was just unimaginable he was as immoral and deranged as I now believe him to be.

What advantage was it for Preece if you were the one who told M*** the bad news?

He lied about M**** to me, and he would then have lied about me to M***. Knowing a lot about how he operates now, he would then have gone to M*** and other teachers and said, “Poor M***, he was Cammy’s final victim. I couldn’t stop it. Mariam backs up Cammy every time he stabs someone in the back.”

How much power did you have to get teachers fired or not renewed at other manager’s schools?

Absolutely zero.

Don’t you think people would have to be completely gullible to believe that you were able to get a teacher at another school fired and Luke would be powerless to stop it?

People will believe all sorts of garbage. I believed Luke was a good guy for over a year before I had any doubts. He is a smooth and practiced liar who has been doing this crap since Dipati Ukur in 2002. Who knows when he started sharpening his con man skills? People believed it was my fault E*** never started at TBI- a view loudly trumpeted by Colm all over the Internet- and I had never even met her. She ended up apologizing to me. I am sure that some people would have believed I had got rid of M*** out of evil glee. I had no power to do anything at another school but Preece would have said it and France and O’Mahony would have sworn it was true, and others would have believed it.

But here we have M*** himself saying what a good relationship he had with you!

The facts mean nothing to Preece. Nothing at all. He told people I stopped teacher MB from coming back to Kuningan too and MB himself has denied that this is true. This is what Luke does. He and Matthew slander you, defame you, make up lies about horrible things you supposedly did which never even happened and when the supposed victims appear and say that Luke and Matthew are talking rubbish, they just claim the emails are fake or something. It is a pathetic spectacle. No wonder they can’t get qualified expats to work there anymore.

‘Michelle’ sent a comment last night that Screen Dump #15 is a fake.

Hahaha. The day before she said sent one saying our computer skills are terrible. One day later our computer skills are so good we know how to create false screen dumps! What a joke he is.



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