Michelle’s Obsession With This Blog (Updated)

Just a short Sunday post to comment on the latest outburst of pure insanity from Michelle. I have put up screen dumps of 12 comments she has ‘dumped’ into the comments box in the space of two days. The crazy thing is, in some of the comments she claims that no one at TBI cares about this blog now, and they have all ‘moved on’.

Now back in the sane world, I ask you can anyone who bombards a blog with comments morning, noon and night, day after day, be expected to be taken seriously when she says that she doesn’t care about the blog and regards it as unimportant. Michelle, whoever she is, is clearly obsessed with this blog and it is an insult to people’s intelligence to declare otherwise. Michelle, why don’t you write 30 different letters to the Jakarta  Post tomorrow, most of them containing false information and / or abusive, bullying language, and then start screaming about injustice when they don’t publish all of them. This is not how the real world works. If you want complete creative control, get your own blog- again. Remember the last one which was so virulently homophobic and full of sicko references to ‘pearl necklaces’ and other nutty stuff that several people commented to us that it was unreadable? The only reason Michelle wants us to stop is so Luke Preece can go back to back-stabbing every Cam, Minnie and Malang School Manager he wants to, without having to fear exposure. But Luke, those days are past. Move on. Get with the new program, girl.

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