Why the Screen Dumps?

We have decided to put up four more screen dumps of Luke Preece’s emails today. This has been deemed necessary for three main reasons, all of which are based in the fact that Luke Preece is a pathological liar.

1. According to what we have heard off the Jakarta grapevine, he has been telling others that we have ‘written these emails ourselves’ to discredit him.

2. He has told people inside TBI that we have ‘doctored’ them to suit our case.

3. He has told people that we don’t use screen dumps because we are lying and these emails aren’t authentic generally.

Instead what these emails will show is that Luke Preece abusively attacked Colm O’Mahony and Matthew France again and again in work emails, telling Cameron and the HR Department that they were ‘idiots’ and ‘unbalanced’ and other such things. In my eyes these emails are incredibly unprofessional and they also show the hallmarks of an abusive hater of humanity, running down his supposed ‘mates’ behind their backs. These are not the actions of a serious manager but rather someone who is completely untrustworthy and unscrupulous.

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