Word of the Day: Glib

Definition of glib 

adjective (glibber, glibbest)

  • (of words or a speaker) fluent but insincere and shallow:the glib phrases soon roll off the tongue
  • marked by ease and fluency in speaking or writing often to the point of being insincere or deceitful eg. a glib politician

  Luke Preece has the glibness of a sleazy politician. After we exposed his KTC scam, whereby he was employing teachers on business visas illegally, he told TBI teachers: “We were endangering the safety of TBI teachers and possibly the whole ESL industry with our blog,” and presented himself as the protector of teacher safety.

   This was always glib– slimy, insincere and deceitful. It has him who was endangering teachers. TBI teachers had been deported from Indonesia in 2007 on these visas in the past, so it was Preece himself who had endangered teachers and his claims to care about their welfare and safety were shallow and insincere. But glib words are easily swallowed by those who don’t want to think deeply on issues and some people accepted his glib attempts to escape responsibility for his own actions. The word glib has German origins and originally referred to pond slime: this seems just right in our reading.

4 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Glib

  1. Haha….Oh I don’t think so Michelle. I was most amused to read how the joint venture partner complained just weeks ago that Luke and Mariam were arrogant idiots who were nothing but an embarrassment to TBI and completely unprofessional. Reza had fly to malang on a begging mission to reverse Luke’s inept attempt to stab another colleague in the back and was refused even the right to run a small office there. Do you acknowledge that you are worse even than Needham, Luke? Even Needham didn’t get a school closed through his stupidity. Amazing that major investors won’t even speak to Luke now, his name is held in such contempt. Did he really ever believe he was talented I wonder?

  2. It is truly amazing that the man who has spent the last decade doing nothing but plotting how to get other managers fired would complain about repetition to us. Luke plotted to get rid of Retty then Wati then Rob Wood then Cam then Mariezka. Luke orders Mariezka to resign and lie it is her choice and then a year later orders GA to resign and lie that it is his choice. It is the same psycho games year after year with victim after victim. It defines repetitive almost as well as it defines sociopathic. Preece repeats the same sociopathic compulsions over and over and over and …….

    • Blossom? This comment shows Michelle at her delusional worst. Rot…decay…they are the verbs you are looking for. You lost a school, Luke. Do you think that you can ‘spin’ this as anything but proof that you are a sub-par manager whose only proven skill is hatching plots with Mariam- the most detestable woman I have met in years. Like attracts like they say…you two are, to quote Blake, ‘A Marriage in Hell’….

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