Coming Articles….

Christmas is fast approaching. We intended to be taking a long break for 2 weeks but then Luke Preece and Mariam Kartikatresni wandered off to Malang, knife in hand, for a pre-Christmas coup…..which went horribly wrong.

Tomorrow we bring you more details how how Luke and Mariam, working as a team, tried to take over TBI Malang and instead lost the whole school. Pak Reza, TBI’s alleged robber-baron, (official title ‘Head of Finance’) will also feature in this sad and humiliating tale of corporate greed and deceit. Fortunately, Christmas miracles can occur, and GA is still school manager of the school and the ridiculous Luke and Mariam can strike a couple billion more rupiah (and one school) off the 2013 Business Plan. 

Tomorrow we explain how things went horribly wrong for the TBI Mafia.

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