Colm O’Mahony Pretends to be ‘Tully Puspita’

Tilly Puspita x
Submitted on 2012/03/09 at 4:55 am

Thx Mr. Cameron, I am fail the IBT TOEFL you teached me on before :( I doing IBT TOELF again, but not prepare on TBI Kuningan school, tempat yang payah!!!! :(


In the first few days of the original blog, Luke and his buddies did not realize that we could see the email addresses and ‘gravatars’ the comment posters had entered as the wordpress site says “Will not be shown”. It is not shown publicly but the blog owner can see them. In this first week Colm O’Mahony and Matthew France appeared under different aliases, launching nasty attacks mostly. Colm also pretended to be a chick called Tilly Puspita who failed her IELTS exam. This persona was more comic but was enough to put Colm O’Mahony, who Luke had pilloried as a wanker and idiot in his emails, in the ‘unlikely defender of Luke and TBI’ category. He also appeared as Def Jam on another forum, defending the honor of Luke and TBI and attacking our credibility. Actually, he has been Luke’s staunchest defender from the start, all the while pretending not to know him. More on Tilly, Michelle and all the other TBI ‘girlies’ soon.

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