Bohongpedia: Matthew France’s Reasons for Writing Testimonials (13.11.2012)

The reason that Matthew France wrote a glowing testimonial about how great TBI Kuningan was in April 2010 and then by April 2011 found it unbearably unjust and degrading as a workplace was because he was, to quote his own words, ‘afraid of the legendary vindictiveness of Cammy’. This might sound ridiculous but he really was a timid soul and has been known to be startled at his own shadow on occasions. He was afraid in 2010 that if he didn’t say how wonderful TBI Kuningan management was the Wrath of Cammy would fall upon him like a Biblical Plague and he would have to run away and hide in a small mouse hole. You might not believe it but he was in mortal fear of this gay Australian boss, despite Matthew France’s bosom-buddy closeness with Luke Preece, who always provided a shoulder for Matty to cry on, especially when TBI wouldn’t wash his socks. Yet miraculously by 2011 he had ‘found his voice’ and was ready to go against this vindictive gay Australian, despite his terror of him, and never stopped complaining about wanting to stay on military bases, move off them and then change hotels for one’s without ‘Luke-warm’ water. This makes no sense to some people, but it is literally what Luke and Matthew expect people to believe.

Tomorrow on Bohongpedia: Donald Trump proves Barack Obama is really not American

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