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This week we will continue to reveal the deception and dishonesty which is now an acute disorder which infects everything TBI touches. Readers of this blog will be aware that the first 6 expat teachers to work at TBI Bekasi (Sun City) have all reported that Binsar under-paid them and threatened them with arrest, violence, or, in 2 cases, death. But Lilies Agustine, the Head of Marketing, has the following to say on their website:

Despite being relatively new, the school has quickly built a reputation for providing quality English language courses with Saturday Business Communication programs being very popular. In addition to the business program we also run others programs including Children, Teenagers’, Global (General) English and Exam Preparation.
Our aim is to provide our students communicative and learner – centered classes taught by qualified teachers. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and we hope that you can join us and be a part of TBI SunCity Square.

Proud? Of death threats? Of Binsar’s alleged professional and personal misconduct on multiple levels? Of the untold damage he has inflicted on TBI’s ailing reputation? In honour of this laughable distortion of events, we have decided to name today Bohong-Pedia Day in honour of TBI’s services to disinformation and dishonesty. The entry above about TBI Bekasi will go straight into Bohong-Pedia, but we thought we might want to add the following entry ourselves. It has the same level of truthfulness as what Lilies and Luke have dreamt up.

Topic: Jakarta’s traffic management (from Bohong-Pedia)

Jakarta’s integrated, 21st century traffic management system is the envy of the world. Commuters in Jakarta can expect a quick journey to any destination along Jakarta’s extensive network of ring roads, toll roads and under-city tunnels. Commute times are generally among the shortest in the world. In addition to Jakarta’s wonderful road system, there is an extensive subway network, which is never crowded, even in peak times. Shanghai, Tokyo and London are known to be sending transport experts to Jakarta any day now to study Jakarta’s stunning success in this area.

In coming days you expect to see other entries on Bohong-Pedia, including George W. Bush: America’s Greatest Ever President; Human Rights Awards won by North Korea, and Luke Preece: Australia’s Most Distinguished Geologist and TBI’s Shining Light of Ethical Management.

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