Rival Blog Cowards Blame MM (SW)

We keep receiving messages from people hiding behind a paypal account (so we can’t see their real names) who tell us that former teacher MM is responsible for the new blog. Our position is show us the proof or go away. We believe him because he was always honest in his dealings with Cam and seemed unlikely to stoop to France’s level. The once I looked at that homophobic-rant blog it had an email between myself and Colm O’Mahony published! I mean do they really expect us to believe that MM has the password to Colm O’Mahony’s email? Furthermore Matthew France has gone around the staffroom at Penabur International Kelapa Gading telling other teachers to look at the blog (and numerous other online attacks against us.) While I understand the reason why Matthew France doesn’t like being associated with his lying, dodgy past at TBI (and hopefully he has now learned from his poor conduct),  he ought have thought about the morality of orchestrating a smear campaign against Cam and telling every new teacher who started there not to trust him. (We have now heard about Matthew France’s slandering role within TBI from 3 diferent sources, so it is absolutely certain to us that he was always Luke’s stooge- a term they hate.) The rival blog belongs to Colm O’Mahony and Matthew France, who still act at the directions of Luke Preece. This is what we say. MM himself denies involvement, which means that Colm, Matthew and Luke are now slandering a new victim by using his name.If they can prove he is involved, show the proof. Otherwise we say that they are now ready to blacken the name of another person and are revealing themselves for the immoral bunch we know them to be.

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