Part 20. Ning Anhar’s Nepotism

Who was your main source of information about Ning Anhar and her doings?

I only had one source. Luke Preece.

Should Luke Preece have been discussing Ning Anhar’s doings with a junior manager?

You would have to imagine not. Especially in the tone that he did.

What tone was that?

It did vary somewhat. If she agreed with him he was more positive about her. Luke loves to be agreed with. He laps it up. But mostly he spoke of her contemptuously as a stupid fool who was dragging TBI down. He even said he thought she hated TBI.

Why would Ning Anhar possibly have hated her largest business?

He said that she was wildly envious of it. It overshadowed every other USG business. She would have loved one of her own ventures to match or surpass TBI, but every other USG business was dwarfed by TBI.

At the time why did you presume Luke Preece was always revealing highly confidential and secret information about Ning and Mariam to you?

He was presenting himself as a my best friend. I had threatened to quit TBI a couple of times if it didn’t start to reform. He said he was on my side and hated all the in fighting and corruption as much as me. He said he was my ally and was keen to introduce reforms.

In retrospect why do you believe he divulged all this ‘top secret’ info to you?

Maybe it was complex. He needed somewhere to vent. He spent all day kissing their asses and needed to vent his spleen somewhere. I also think, increasingly, he was trying to make me disillusioned with the company and so move on. He is a game player. He toys with people. I eventually told him by email to stop being so negative about TBI to me, as it was distracting me from my job description of managing the school.

What did he tell you about Ning Anhar’s relationship with the UIC Design School?

He told me that it was run by her own children and that she was determined to divert as much money from TBI as possible to enrich them.

Did Mariam and Ning ever disclose to you that Ning’s kids were running UIC?

That pair never even came and talked to me. I simply never spoke in person to Ning. I never spoke beyond a couple of sentences at a time with the woman. And as for Mariam, she was only slightly more involved.

One thing I’ve never questioned is why and how Luke knew all this incriminating stuff. Any thoughts?

He never told me how he knew and I never asked.

More and more it looks to me that Luke Preece was allowed into the inner sanctum of corruption and nepotism because Mariam and Ning knew what he was. He had no morals and was totally trusted with the truth about Ning’s real doings. 

I guess that could be so.

Did he ever hear UIC discussed in TBI quarterly meetings?

Yes. Once, probably the last one before I left.

What was said?

The most striking thing for me was the shockingly low student numbers. There were almost two teachers for every student. Almost no one had enrolled.

Did Luke Preece ever discuss these extremely low student numbers with you?

I pointed it out to him after the meeting, and he didn’t really make a comment.

They had a computer lab stocked with new Apple Macs. How did this make you feel considering how much trouble you had to get old TBI computers repaired?

This was old news. When I was school manager at TBI Sudirman I lobbied for TBI students to have access to one of the two computer labs. It was made clear to me that this was never going to happen. The UIC Design school students were ‘too sensitive’ and didn’t want to have to share with TBI stduents.

Do you believe that Ning Anhar regards TBI students as less important than UIC students?

If anyone could think of an alternative explanation, I would be happy to hear it, but that is what all of her actions indicate.

I recently discovered that in a last ditch attempt to attract student enrollments to UIC in September 2011, Ning Anhar the UIC gave away a 20 million rupiah trip to London. How does this strike you?

It’s interesting. They once tried the same thing for TBI. But the whole thing was so badly organized and poorly thought through that the winners didn’t have any time to get visas, so the whole scheme collapsed.

Who would have been in charge of that fiasco?

I think it was Mariam, but don’t quote me. This was around the same time Mariam Kartikatresni flew to the UK for a meeting with the CELTA people. When she got there she found out that the man she was meeting was in Indonesia! The person she had gone there to meet had flown to Jakarta!

Did you charge the flight to the UK on TBI?

Of course she did.

Would you agree that TBI is just a method for Ning, Mariam and a few other immoral individuals to enrich themselves at the expense of their customers?

Uh……yes. Also their staff. 1 million a month for a student assistant and flights to the UK for Mariam. These are the facts.

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