Whatever Happened to TBI Surabaya? Yikes! (Part 2 of 3)

Within a year, it went bankrupt and it has ruined the lives of the owner and his family members. The school has closed and more will follow (see next update).”

That sentence was featured in our most recent article about TBI from a few weeks back. So why did we report that ‘the school has closed and more will follow’? Well, our latest informant had given us extensive information about TBI Surabaya, and things were looking very sick indeed, even by the standards of The British Institute.

We were told that not only had TBI West Surabaya gone broke (becoming yet another casualty of TBI’s utterly broken franchise system), but that the original TBI Surabaya franchise, which had been in business for 15 years, was also about to go under. This franchise owned two schools, so if this information was correct, TBI was going to lose 2 more schools, bringing the total to three failed businesses in Surabaya within a month.

Well, how accurate was our informant? Check for yourself. TBI Surabaya is nowhere listed on their website. Go to ‘locations’ on the TBI site and the only school listed in East Java is their Malang school. Wow. Just wow. Even for a company as disaster-prone as TBI, closing down three schools in a month is poor form. This chain of language schools is falling faster than stacked dominoes.

As we have said before, they are so dangerously incompetent that they are a risk to anyone who works for them. They cannot even keep a school open in a market of 3 million people. I wonder what the next collapsed school will be?

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