Guru TBI Bandung 3 Bulan Tanpa Menerima Gaji

Dear Pak Windi,

I am writing on behalf of all employees at the three TBI Bandung branches, to inform you that all TBI Bandung staff will be on strike on Friday and Saturday, 23rd and 24th of August 2019.

We regretfully have to do this, as the situation concerning our salary has not improved significantly since your last memo on August 14th 2019. As a consequence of not being paid properly, you have put us all, without exception, in a very difficult financial situation for more than 90 days consecutively.

During those 90 days, we have tried to approach you many times and in many different ways without any significant results. By going on strike we sincerely hope that you realise how very dire our financial situation is. We have gone above and beyond our contractual obligations, constantly maintaining excellent service to our costumers and therefore to TBI. We are aware of the current TBI financial situation, but it is our right that we receive our remuneration.

We would very much like to receive the total remainder of our June 2019 salary and at least 50% of our July 2019 salary by close of Friday next week (30th of August 2019), or we will have no option other than to take further action.


All TBI Bandung Staff

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